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March 16, 2014


Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! I've truly enjoyed keeping up with this blog. It was very educational and helpful to me since I spend time in the outdoors. Kept me thinking about the what-ifs and what to do about the what-ifs. Thank you for posting as long as you did. Happy Searching and Rescuing, Heather F, Nashville, TN

A sad day, for sure, to see KO's great SAR Blog go down in retirement. She's put so many hours into the Blog, as well as into SAR activities over her tenure. We're going to miss you KO and wish you and Brian the best. Please stay in touch!

Going to miss this blog very much. I've become addicted to checking it daily.

Just goes to prove that this is a national blog for SAR; and, I'm sure others in other countries are, also, viewing it.

Thank you for all the posts and stories!

Thank you Kate for starting this blog and keeping it going for the last five years. It is usually the first thing I read while sipping my morning coffee. It will truly be missed. All the best and thanks again for keeping all the wonderful SAR stories front and center.

Kate -
I can never express my ongoing admiration for you and Brian and your never ending commitment to SAR. I have always been in awe of your spirit and your intelligence. You and Brian are two of the most special people that I know, and are loved by all you come in contact with.
What you created here in this blog was shared not only across our state, but across our nation. You have made a difference. I can never thank you enough for all that you have brought to our community. You are truly special.
May your days be filled with fun, enjoy your time off! We will miss you greatly.

Whenever I would return from one of my long vacations, the first thing I would do is check on our Blog to catch up with the latest searches. I would go back to the last entry that I read, even if that meant reading 2-3 weeks worth of stories. I will greatly miss it! Thank you for your dedication to this blog for the past 5 years. I will miss it personally as well as I will miss you and Brian. Thank you from my heart!
Lucky Leavitt, JoCo SAR

I always considered this a national SAR blog, I know you had your local focus but nobody else compiled true SAR events for the nation or sometimes the world. Thanks for your work, you'll be missed.

I hope someone picks up the torch and moves forward, we need the non-local information to mix with local knowledge for greater understanding of searches.

SO Sad!! I read this daily. Thank you very much for doing it for as long as you have. Its been a treasure.
Cat Best, Walla Walla County SAR

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